Today is a big day in the consumer shopping world. My only advice to you is:

Don't get too caught up in the hype
It's easy to fall into the trap of wanting something only because it's a good deal and you have fear of missing out if you don't get it. I found a lot of great clothes online yesterday but only bought one or two things because in the end, I didn't need them (or they didn't fit my lifestyle). I asked myself, "would I be really upset if this was our of stock" OR "is this something I would pay full price for" and that usually helped me make my decision.

Make sure there is a good return policy
Today is probably not a great time to buy final sale items unless you absolutely are sure that you want it.

Funny story, several years ago, some work colleagues and I stayed up until midnight and went shopping at some outlets. We all got so caught up that we bought many many bags at one of the stores. I bought three - bags that I didn't even love from a brand that I don't necessarily like. And....I returned them all a few weeks later. But, we were so excited and delirious that day. Thank goodness for a good return policy!

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