I've been reflecting on where I am in life right now and where I want to be.

Certain things feel....off...and I am of the mentality that you should take action rather than complain. Doesn't it bother you sometimes when people talk and talk about what they want to do or complain about what they don't have or what opportunity they missed and you just want to yell, WELL, DO SOMETHING!

I just read Shonda Rhimes's commencement speech at Dartmouth titled Dreams Are For Losers.Ditch the dream and do something. Instead of saying "I wish" or " I want to be", make a plan and do it. Maybe you don't know how to start? Talk to people. Research. Take one small step and see if it leads you to the next one.

There is a huge gap between our dreams (Olympic athlete!) and making our dreams a reality. And I'm sick of dreaming. This time is hard for me - I've given a lot to my husband for his career; I'm giving a lot to my children; I love my career but I'm at a place right now where I can choose what avenue I want to take. Some parts of pharmacy really excite me and some do not. That is the same with any job and sometimes you just learn to love it or get by; but we are lucky that our profession has so many different niches. I love working with people, I love quality improvement, I love working on medication safety, I actually love finance and paperwork; I love writing.

Approach everything like how you think an elite athlete would focus and approach their training. They know their dreams are not going to happen overnight and that they are going to take a lot of work....and they keep showing up to that 5am practice day after day.

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