There are six weeks left in 2016.

I am reminded that big goals are an accumulation of a lot of little steps. I haven't reached my big goals yet; they will likely take years to come to fruition. But, I have made some progress this year.

I've had to work through some things mentally over the past nine months. What do I expect of myself as a partner, mother, and professional. Can I do all of those well or do I need to lean back a little now so that I can invest and than lean in in the future? Life goes through different seasons and sometimes we apply ourselves a little more to one area while trying not to let any of the other balls drop.

I've had to change a lot of my expectations too. We are usually hardest on ourselves and I've realized that things aren't always on my timeline; and usually people don't have the same expectations that I have of myself.

Six more weeks.....you will find me celebrating with my family and writing writing writing.

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