This sounds so basic, but there really isn't any easy way on the path of success.

Whatever your definition of "success" may be - doing well on an exam, having a good relationship, being a CEO, having a fit body, etc... all of these things require time and hard work.

Some of my proudest moments and accomplishments have been when I worked really hard to ace a project or master a subject. I remember the year that I took anatomy and physiology. That subject requires a lot of time to memorize and learn the concepts and I put the time in. I will add that I had a great lab and study partner who made the time a little less monotonous. Anyway, we studied almost every evening, during lunch, and on Saturday mornings. I invested a lot and it paid off - we excelled in that class and it actually made me prioritize other things and I did great in my other classes too. Also, learning that foundational subject so well helped me so much in pharmacy school because I had such a good foundation and understood the basics.

And I think that this can be applied to a lot of things. Put the time in and master the basics and you will be much more successful. 

Stop wishing. Make a list of your goals, prioritize, and then begin putting in the work to accomplish them....because they aren't going to magically appear.

WellnessJoanna Simmon