I had such a refreshing weekend and I woke up full of inspiration despite feeling tired and worn down from a cold. Isn't it funny how that works - when we are emotionally filled with love, understanding, and support, we can handle a lot more before we break.

I first heard the term emotional bank account when I read a book by Stephen Covey. Basically (like your bank account), you want to keep the account full and not make more withdrawals than deposits. It is a metaphor to describe how much trust you have and how safe you feel (emotionally) with another person.

When you are stretched to your limits with all the demands of life aka withdrawals (work, parenting, relationships, etc....) it is much easier to let the little things bother you. 

How do you keep that emotional bank account full? It's not always easy and there are many times in life where you just feel run down. I've had times when I couldn't break out of a funk on my own. But each time - after things get better - I find that my resilience has increased and I'm a little better equipped to handle the next valley life takes me to. After all, this is a beautiful world that we live in and a privilege to be alive every day. 

There are also times in life where it is very hard to push the reset button and take care of yourself; for me, having a newborn with not a lot of family help around makes it very hard to make time for myself. I feel like the more of a sleep deficit I have, the harder it is for me to rise above and stay positive when there is a small setback.

For me, I recharge by exercising, spending time with friends, shopping a little and just having some quiet, down time. Easier said than done especially when you are working nonstop or have kids. Give yourself something to look forward too-a night out, shopping trip, or a little vacation.

And why did I attach this quote to this post? For me, when I feel emotionally "full" and supported, I can take on the world. Obstacles and achieving dreams don't seem as scary. For me to be at my best, thriving self, I need to schedule the time to keep my emotional bank account full.

WellnessJoanna Simmon