I woke up this morning feeling tired with not a lot of motivation to start the day.....and then I read this quote. You know, getting up and started is half the battle. If I worked on my goals or are right and exercised only when I "felt like it", then I wouldn't get very far.

Your dreams aren't going to magically materialize. In the words of Britney Spears, "you got to work, bitch". Make a plan, set some time aside, and start time aside, and get to work! Whether that means going to the gym today, making a healthy food choice (one meal at a time), mending a relationship, writing a book, getting into pharmacy school, finishing pharmacy school, finishing your residency, becoming a pharmacy director - all of these are the accumulation of many small steps. 

If your grades aren't where you want them to be, start studying a little more to take your knowledge from good to excellent. If your body isn't where you want it, start making healthy choices today. Not going to the gym is a choice. Eating fast food is a choice. Eating healthy food is a lot of work and requires some planning (it's harder than it should be), but it's a necessary step to feeling and looking your best. 

Don't make the easy choice today. Make the choice that will get you one step closer to accomplishing your goals.

WellnessJoanna Simmon