Expectations...they can be a dangerous thing. We fill ourself with hope on how someone "should" act, what we should be able to accomplish, how a relationship will progress or how a career will take off. 

But isn't life about rolling with the punches? Change is inevitable and those that aren't easily swayed by the storm are usually the ones who bounce back the quickest and see their setbacks as opportunities.

Some of my best relationships now are the ones where I let go of how I thought things should go and moved to accepting them as they are - we put labels on people and then assign a whole list of characteristics that they must possess (father, mother, partner, spouse, child, friend, bridesmaid, boss, colleague, etc.....)

So, let go of how you think things should be and roll with the punches a little today. The setbacks in my life have been the biggest moments of (good) change and have opened me up to worlds of opportunity. And those people that I was waiting for to change in these setbacks...they are still the same. Move forward with your goals and don't depend on the reactions of others for validation or emotional security.

WellnessJoanna Simmon