I didn't always know what profession I wanted to be in, but I did always like math and chemistry. I've always craved connection with people and have always had the push and desire to push myself and have continual personal growth. After a few shadowing experiences, I decided on pharmacy and the big plus - no blood like nursing and medicine!! And then we started doing immunizations which is a whole different story....

Anyway, when I decided on pharmacy school, my dream was to work for the FDA (still holding onto that dream) and I also chose my school because they offered an MBA program. One of the big draws for me was that there were so many career options. I didn't have to just do retail, or hospital pharmacy. I could work in research, industry, education, long term care, informatics, etc....

I've enjoyed working in different practice settings, precepting students, working on process improvement, and having fantastic colleagues and mentors that are considered leaders and influences in the profession of pharmacy.

I do believe the market is getting a little saturated. New pharmacy schools are opening and new graduates are having a harder time finding positions. The trend in healthcare is going towards quality (which is good), and working smarter by being more efficient and maximizing technology.

This is a great time to be a pharmacist! Many are leading nationwide initiatives for provider status and many are thought leaders for their specialty. According to the most recent Gallup poll, we are in the top three of most trusted professions. Our patients and providers look to us for help, advice, and medication knowledge. 

Thank you you for your dedication to your colleagues, patients, and to the profession!

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PracticeJoanna Simmon