We are hard on ourselves. Really hard on ourselves. Have you heard the saying that "you are your own worst critic".

What is the definition of a mistake? A past failure? An inaccuracy? If that "mistake" led to something wonderful or a changed view, was it really a mistake? Maybe "learning opportunity" is a better way to look at it.

About ten years ago, I made a "mistake" and I have been dwelling on it recently. At the time, it didn't feel like a mistake at all. I was making the best choice for my life at the time. I thought it through and really couldn't see myself making the other choice. But....I can't help thinking about "what if". What is your "what if"? It could be taking a chance on a relationship, putting more work into your skills or hobbies, mending a relationship with a family member, going to grad school, etc.....

If I think about the "what ifs", I could go on and on. Maybe I should have gotten more into track. Maybe I should have started my blog sooner? Maybe I should have started my family sooner? Maybe I should have applied for this or that job? Maybe I should have kept in touch with that friend? Maybe I should have applied to a different college? Maybe I should have ended that relationship (A LOT) sooner? Maybe I should have turned left instead of right in college and then I wouldn't have gotten into trouble (long story). We could play this game forever.

But, all of these choices make up my life. I am happy where I am - I have come so far from the thinking of my past and I am open to new ideas and opportunities. 

I read a wonderful quote about fear yesterday: Once you become fearless, life becomes limitless. Forget the mistake, remember the lesson. Start from nothing. Stop for nothing.

So let go of the past, live in the present, and open yourself up to an amazing future.

WellnessJoanna Simmon