The past few weeks I have been stressing over a decision. Every few years, it seems like I get to a cross roads in my career. And I worry and worry about what path to take. Usually, the next move is beyond my comfort zone. In one case, it was choosing between two promotions: one with my current employer at the time and one with a different one. Another time we moved and I had to look for a job again. Should I stick with what I know or branch out to another non-traditional pharmacy role? I haven't regretted any of the decisions yet, but there is always a lot of inner turmoil when I'm in the midst of the decision.

I found it very hard to live in the present as a student. You were always worrying about a test or upcoming project. It was hard for me to stay focused - yes, I would study every day and take those steps to excel, but there was still always something looming. And I also had the mentality of "when I'm done with school", then I'll do this or that or live here or buy that etc....

Right now, I'm in the middle of another big, career-changing decision. I have a family now and that makes the decision more complicated - I have guilt no matter what direction I decide to take.

So today, I'm going to redirect myself to be present and to stop thinking about "what if" I do this or that or miss an opportunity. How do I know that there isn't an even better opportunity in the future?

Be grateful for where you are: the fact that you have a choice means that you have options and that is a nice place to be. Be grateful for your friends, talents, family, and a career that allows you to take chances and have flexibility.

Focus on one thing at a time: my thoughts are snowballing a little bit and the stress is spilling over to other areas of my life. I do not want this hard decision to interfere with the interactions that I have with my family and other relationships.

Take a break from the decision: go on a date, spend some time with your children, go exercise, or dive into another work project or hobby. Just take a break from what you are stressing over. If you are a student and stressing over an exam, take a break (even if it's small). I believe you actually study and absorb material better when you are more relaxed.

"With the past, I have nothing to do; nor with the future. I live now" -Ralph Waldo Emerson

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