There is no stupid question, right? However, there are the people asking questions just to prove a point, or to prove that they are smart, or to prove that they aren't listening (your question was just answered five minutes ago by the lecturer)!

I wish I had seen this graphic when I was in school. We had two chronic question askers in our class. One guy who liked to ask questions that had just been answered and one girl who liked to ask nonsense questions two minutes before class was over. It just makes me laugh a little to see this and be reminded of the cringe-worthy moments 😄.

If you are that person in class, think before you speak. I do think that most questions are very beneficial and that other people probably have the same question so in most cases it is warranted. I've also been in hospital level meetings or departmental meetings where the same rules apply.

WellnessJoanna Simmon