One of my visions in writing "The Pharmacist's Guide" is to give practical, everyday advice that you can apply to your personal and professional lives. One of the biggest components of our everyday lives is money and how well we manage what comes in and goes out. Finance is also one of my passions and one of the main reasons I pursued a MBA. 

As a student, I was always a little stressed with the debt accruing and the fact that I was spending much more than I was bringing in. I know now that that period was an investment for my future earning power, but it caused a lot of anxiety at the time. Managing your financial loans is not easy and you have to be pretty savvy at budgeting every month. And then you come out of school making a substantial amount of money and you need to know how to manage that too.

I've always been good at saving for retirement or a house, etc..,and lately, I've been a little better about saving for some splurges too. 

My point with all this is that you should make a financial goal this year. Whether it be to become familiar with your finances, start putting money into an IRA or retirement fund, or to just pay all of your bills on time - financial freedom comes after many many steps in the right direction. Start taking those steps now.

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