Eat a donut

June 1st is national Donut Day! Feel free to extend the celebration throughout the weekend or even the whole month (wink wink).

Take it outside

When I worked the evening shift, I used to run a trail by Duke most mornings; and if I worked the day shift, I would go to the gym with my husband in the evenings. Then, shifts began to get longer, kids entered the picture and exercise and nutrition just seemed overwhelming to fit in to a day. Who wants to go run five miles after they’ve been on their feet for twelve hours? Find something that works for you. Walk the dog, play catch with your children, go swimming, etc... I would love to be the person that wakes up at 5am everyday and works out...but I’m just not, so I have to find another way. Now that it is warmer, get those physical and mental benefits by taking your workouts outside!

Show some love to your headache sufferers 

Over 37 million Americans suffer from migraine and headache. Because headache is an invisible disease, I find that patients often don’t get the help they need.  Providers may not think that their pain is as severe as they say. Let me tell you, migraines are debilitating. It took some trial and error for me to find something that worked (triptans, specifically relpax is my savior!). June is National Migraine and Headache Awareness Month. Get more information at headache.org. 

Study for that job

Pharmacy graduates, congratulations! You’ve officially graduated and are now eligible to receive your authorization to test (ATT). I remember June being filled with NAPLEX and MPJE studying and training for my new job. Give yourself plenty of time to study, breathe a little, and pass the test!

 Donate blood

Full disclosure, I’ve never done this. I really dislike needles. I’m definitely a fall risk after taking blood (hello lightheadedness). June 14th is global blood donor day. Thank you to the voluntary, unpaid volunteers who give the blood that saves millions of lives each year. Be there for someone else. Share life.

Join a community

I recently joined a pharmacist moms group on Facebook and it has been amazing. These ladies are so positive, kind, and supportive which is much needed after some of these days! I really appreciate the wealth of information that is shared; people freely ask questions without being judged and there are so many knowledgeable people as members.  

I also love the list serves through ASHP. Not as much of a community feel, but it is a great place to ask practice-based questions and benchmark. 


Happy June!

WellnessJoanna Simmon