Pharmacists were recently named second in the 2014 Gallup poll which asks Americans to rate professions based on their perceptions of honesty and ethical standards.

Historically, nurses and other healthcare professionals have consistently ranked at the top of Americas most trusted professions.  The combination of good patient relationships, medication expertise, and accessibility helps keep pharmacists at the top.

Pharmacy is a great,  well-rounded career with an exciting mix of science, direct patient contact, health care and business.   Pharmacists are a big part of the interdisciplinary health care team and work together with other professionals to make sure that patients are getting the best and most appropriate medications.  There are also many different paths that you can take within pharmacy.  

The bottom line is that pharmacists work together with other health care professionals (doctors, nurses, PAs, etc...) to help patients get well.  Especially in the health environment today, pharmacists can work together with their patients,  physicians and insurance companies to ensure that patients get the best and most cost-effective medication for their needs.

PracticeJoanna Simmon