You don't have to do everything.  You just don't.  And I find this thought very freeing because in the world that I live in, I feel like I have to be everything to everyone.  Most of these pressures are internal, self-inflicted, and caused by comparing myself to what others are doing.  

No, I don't have to be a fantastic chef every night or have a perfectly clean house every day.  I don't have to ace every work presentation and make the right, thoughtful points in every meeting (though I want to!).  Sometimes my publications will not get accepted and that is okay.  No, I cannot please everyone so there will be days when I have an unsatisfied patient, customer, or employee.    No, I may not ace every exam or test that I study for.  I may not always say the right thing to my friends, family, or spouse.  

But, I do need to give myself a break.  I do need to take time for my physical and mental well being.  I do need to make sure that my family's needs are met.  We have the capability to outsource a lot of things - do it!  Delegate!  I never understood why people in leadership made such a big deal about delegating.  I understand now - they wouldn't get half of the things done if they didn't have good support people.  A lot of the times, you have an eager employee who is just waiting for some direction and a chance to prove themselves.  Take them up on it! No one is good at everything and a real mark of a leader is recognizing what your strengths and weaknesses are and filling in the gaps with your support people.  

So, tell yourself it's okay if you don't like cleaning, cooking, or have over committed yourself.  Let go of some of those self-imposed expectations and take time for yourself today!  

WellnessJoanna Simmon