I don't know about you, but food bloggers, fitness magazines, and Instagram posts are making me gain weight!

On top of what I already eat, I find that I add extra food to my daily diet because it's healthy and I see pictures taunting me on all of the social media sites.  All day long, I am inundated with posts and pictures about adding chia seeds, honey, cocoa nibs, matcha, etc... to whatever I'm eating.  Social media is telling me that my breakfast of steel-cut oats, almond milk and berries is not good enough!  So not only do I add extra food to my diet, I'm also adding expensive ingredients.  Am I that much healthier?  I don't know....but I think so!  
My problem is that I eat this food in addition to my normal diet, not as a replacement of certain foods.  I am at a healthy weight and enjoy fruits, vegetables, and salads.  I also enjoy an occasional muffin or cookie.  

We are almost in an era where food is something that we acquire, much like a possession, rather than just nutrition for our bodies.  Much like the magazines that show us the new makeup and clothing trends, social media and cooking channels are also adding the newest recipes and foods into the mix.  

When we see our friends on Instagram or social media posting a picture of their latest pancake recipe or green smoothie, it makes us want to have one too.  This is just the power of visualization and wanting to be accepted socially by others.  That supermodel just ate a donut, I want a donut! My friend is at my favorite brunch place, I want to go there too!  Many can argue that this is what people are doing when they carry a Starbucks mug around the whole day (I'm definitely not hating on Starbucks - they got me through school!).   Again, green smoothies are not bad things, but they do increase your caloric intake so if you are eating this in addition to your daily diet, you are adding an extra 300-400 calories.  And weight is an equation between calories in and calories out.  Again, this is not bad if you are replacing your daily fast food run with a green smoothie, but not a good thing if you are eating a green smoothie on top of the fast food.  A healthy lifestyle is a daily, consistent commitment - not something that you do once in awhile. 

Cornell University did a study and said that people who watch food television or get their inspiration from social media are roughly ten pounds heavier.  Ten pounds!  They credit this mostly to larger portions (reproducing and mimicking what you  see) and indulgent recipes.  

Overall, I think I'm eating much healthier and am much more informed about what I put in my body.  And I think those are both wonderful things; plus, I get to look at some great food everyday in my Instagram feed!

A healthy lifestyle and diet is a daily commitment.  Exercising once a month and eating berries once a week is not going to negate an unhealthy lifestyle.  

*picture from @deliciouslyella

WellnessJoanna Simmon