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We've made it to March of the New Year - are your resolutions still in tact? 

Even if you didn't make any resolutions for 2015, I still think reflection is an essential part of personal growth.  Whether you do it at the beginning of the year or the beginning of each month (or any other set time), it is good to periodically reevaluate your goals - short-term and long-term - and evaluate where you are currently and where you are headed.  By constantly evaluating yourself, you make sure that you don't get too far off track and you can also identify when you may need to enlist help or need a little extra motivation. 

It's easy to get back on track, start over or even make a new goal!

What do you want
Where do you want to be?  Example: Do you want to lose 5 pounds?  Get a promotion at work? Be specific - don't just make the goal to "lose weight", set your goal as "lose 5 pounds" instead.  

Think through what it takes to get there
Figure out a plan to lose 1/2 a pound a week for two months and look, you are ready for the summer!  Incorporate some exercise 5 days a week and focus on mindful eating and you should be half way there (of course, fitness levels, calorie intake etc.. are all factors but this is just an example).
For your promotion, do you need to work longer hours, take on more responsibility, or maybe get a special certification?

If you don't work out a day or made a bad decision at work, don't let it derail you.  Keep going. We fail when we stop completely, we succeed when we pick ourselves up.  

When you reach your goal, go out and celebrate!  Whether that means drinks with friends or buying yourself a new outfit to go with that new body or promotion - you worked hard!

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