Pumpkin season is here!  

I admit, I was on the bandwagon when pumpkin spice lattes first came out at Starbucks.  At that time, the only other pumpkin foods I ate were pumpkin pie and pumpkin bread.  Now you can't go into any grocery store without seeing pumpkin-flavored everything.  And stores have done a wonderful job marketing pumpkin spice everything so that we associate it with coziness, warmth and overall happiness.  It's even included in the definition of basic bitch

 ) walked into Trader Joes last week and was everything was available in pumpkin flavor: cheerios, pop tarts, bagels, cream cheese, waffles, chai tea, oreos and more!

As much as food companies like to popularize the pumpkin flavor, pumpkin is a superfood with lots of benefits....but not benefits you will receive through your sugary flavored latte!



  • High in fiber

  • Boosts the immune system due to Vitamin C

  • Good source of B-vitamins (niacin, folate, B6)

  • Good for the skin due to Vitamin A

  • Anti-inflammatory

I haven't drank a pumpkin spice latte in a few years because it tastes too sweet to me, but I do have my pumpkin candle burning right now so enjoy whatever pumpkin spice food you want this season, but remember that the benefits are in the actual pumpkin, not the flavoring or sugar syrup in your latte.

WellnessJoanna Simmon