There is a lot I can say about hydrocodone and but I'll keep it simple and because of it's prominence in prescription sales for 2013, I'm making it the first "Drug of the Day".

Let's start with the history:  Hydrocodone was first synthesized in Europe in 1920.  It was approved in the United States in 1943.  

Indication: Hydrocodone is in the opioid class and is an analgesic used for moderate to severe pain

Cautions:  Most hydrocodone products also contain acetaminophen.  There is a daily dosage limit on acetaminophen and going over that could increase your potential for liver damage.  Hydrocodone/acetaminophen products have a black box warning for hepatotoxicity (liver damage) that can be viewed here.  

Side effects:  The most common side effects of hydrocodone are fatigue, nausea, constipation and dizziness.  Because of these effects, people should not drive or use heavy machinery while under the influence! 

Can you take it with food?   Yes! Hydrocodone can be taken with or without food and taking it with food may decrease nausea.

This is just a brief synopsis of what kind of medication hydrocodone is.  Actually, this medication was rescheduled recently (effective the beginning of October) to a Schedule II drug which means there are more constraints when filling it - for example, Schedule II medications cannot be called in to a pharmacy and cannot have refills on them.  

EducationJoanna Simmon