Sometimes it is hard to remember what a gift life is. When we are bogged down by stress, our circumstance, a misfortune...our focus turns to that rather than to life and how far we've come.

I think of all of the things that I've wished for in my life, and here I am standing in the middle of it with almost everything that I've dreamed about, but yet my focus turns not to the wonderful things but to areas where I may lack. 

As I sit with a lull/turning point in my career and in a transition point as a family, I feel myself in that place of uncertainty again. I've been here before and always come out on a better side, but it's hard to trust and wait. And I am blessed that I am at a place with a lot of options in my career - there are several avenues to take all of which would be good options. And yet, I worry about being unfulfilled. 

There are always new worries. There will always be something around the house to be fixed, organized, and labeled. There will always be family hiccups. Careers ebb and flow. But we do wake up every day and breathe. Spend that time focusing on what you have and what you've accomplished. 

Tomorrow will take care of itself and the past is the past.

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