One of the worst feelings is going into exam week and realizing how much you have to do. But, one of the best feelings is being finished with that last exam and knowing that you did your best for the semester. And then all of your friends want to go out and celebrate and all you want to do is sleep for two days! 

So keep plugging away, it will all be over soon. And in pharmacy school (unlike some other courses on my life), I've actually retained some pharmacy school knowledge and can still remember professors quoting different ways to remember side effects, kinetics, etc....

All of those case studies that don't make any sense are actually the things that you will be doing on your clinical rounds, so pay attention! 

•Hang in there, this too shall pass.

•Never a mistake, always a lesson

•As you go through different stages of life, you still go through periods of time like this - a work presentation, a new life change, etc.... where a lot is expected of you and your hard work either pays off or it doesn't. 

ometimes you work so hard and you don't get what you want....and sometimes you do. The key is to keep going, keep getting up, even after a massive disappointment because you will arrive where you are supposed to be - maybe not on your timetable - but it will happen and the timing will be perfect.

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