"You can't discover new oceans until you have courage to lose sight of the shore".

I spent the weekend decluttering. And as hard as it was to make decisions on what to discard and what to keep, I feel empowered. I was holding on to so many things because of  memories, feelings, or obligation and guilt (for the money spent).  I still kept some sentimental things, but I also got rid of many possessions that had already served their purpose and didn't reflect where I want to go. How else will we move forward if we don't get rid of what is holding us back?
Are you at a standstill? Usually there is something standing in your way of a goal, and you have to have the courage to step away and let go. 
This could be a perception or lifestyle change that you need to get rid of for a fitness goal (you can't just work out, you have to eat well too!), a relationship that no longer serves you, or a possession that you need to let go of.
For me, what often holds me back are the thoughts limiting me, telling me it's not going to work, telling me I don't have the time, or the expectations and perceptions of others and circumstances that I'm perhaps interpreting incorrectly.

This Monday, shed something that is holding you back and move on in your week!

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