I think about this concept often. We all have a past full of people who hurt us, mistakes we've made, or action we wish we'd taken. Holding onto this, however, does nothing positive for our current state.

Seriously though, living in the past or holding onto past hurts or grievances can really hold you back and keep you from living your best life. If you want to be light and free you have to let go of your past attachments, the things that weigh you down and drain you. I like the concept that applies to decluttering your living space - let go of things and make room for the life that you want.

Students, you are entering a new school year. Don't let a past failure or bad grade keep you from doing your best or going for it. Strive to do your best in each class regardless of if you've had trouble with a subject in the past. Put everything into it. This is the time.

As we inch towards the fall, think about rebirth, who you want to become, and what you need to let go of? It may be things, a relationship, a grudge, an attachment to a way of thinking.....by opening yourself up and letting go of what is hurting you and weighing you down, you will become more light and free. 

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WellnessJoanna Simmon