It's March 1st - woohoo! I started this year off with a bang - a bit of bad news that motivated me to not only take charge of my health, but also to really invest in my passions. No more sitting on the sidelines and wishing things were different. And as I began to see changes, it made it much easier to keep going. I found a few recipes I liked and an exercise and writing schedule that worked for me and from there, other changes have been easy.

If you want something, then you really have to change something and put in the work. I don't know why that was a huge epiphany for me; no, things aren't going to change if you don't. If you eat the same way every day, you are going to look and feel the same. If you study the same way (or don't study), your grades are not going to improve. If you continue with the same behaviors in a relationship, the same issues will continue to come up. If you don't take a chance at work, you are never going to advance. If you don't take the first step towards your goals, then you will never accomplish them.

The thing about change is that once the momentum starts, it is hard to stop; and that motivation bleeds over into other areas of life. In streamlining my exercise and eating routines, I have become more organized, minimalistic, and efficient in other areas as part of the process.

Whatever you are trying to fix, it usually doesn't require something groundbreaking and exhausting; usually it is the culmination of many small changes and decisions over time. Life and the road to health is a journey, is it not? And it is in that journey that we continue to change, be better, and discover ourselves.

Pick one thing
What is an area that you want to change? Pick one thing. If I tried to revamp my wardrobe, organize the house, change my way of eating, and take on three new work projects, then I would probably fail at all of them. The key is to start small at something attainable and move on from there.

Get a handbook
I really think one of the main reasons that I was successful in January was because I was given a handbook; work out this many times at this place; eat this, not this; reflect and focus on this thing/thought every week to change, etc..:
I like to check things off lists and I like things spelled out, so for my personality, this approach worked.
The point is to have a detailed plan instead of a vague goal. If you want better grades this semester, then you are going to have to study harder or differently. Make your plan. For example, I will study 30 minutes before classes on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday and one hour in the library after. On Tuesday and Thursday, I will study two hours in the morning and an hour after. It doesn't have to be long, just consistent.

Do it now
Not tomorrow, not Monday, not next month - make one small change towards a healthier, more productive, more successful you right now and the you will be on your way. The hardest part is getting started.

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