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Yesterday was a day full of inconveniences. The kids were slow in the morning which led to me feeling rushed and late. My car battery died. I forgot something important and we also had some anxiety-inducing home safety scares.

Then my thoughts began to snowball into negativity - I need to run this errand, I need to clean, why can't I keep the house clean, why can't this person do this or that, why did this person say THAT! etc...... My mind started making things worse when in reality, the day was not that bad. I got to talk to a friend that I haven't seen for awhile, I was able to do some things for myself and I went to a fun Halloween event in the evening.

It is just our nature to focus on the things that are going wrong - even though it may be a small portion of the big picture. We focus on the negative 5% and forget that 95% of things are great. We do the same thing in relationships - everything could be perfect but we focus on one problem or annoyance with our partner and it complete changes our attitude.

I snapped myself out of it yesterday by doing a few things, and yes, the circumstances weren't that bad; but when you are in the thick of it, it's hard to think clearly.

Take a step back
I was starting to feel really sorry for myself and it was affecting my attitude. I went to the gym, dropped the children off in childcare, took a walk and felt better after a little "me" time.

Talk to a friend
Sometimes you just need to vent. Talk to a friend, get it off your chest, laugh a little and move on.

It's not the end of the world
You may have just bombed a test or made a mistake at work. You made have had a fight with a friend or made a cringe-worthy parenting decision. We are all human. We make mistakes and then we pick ourself up and we learn from our failures. That is the nature of life. Get your expectations where they should be and you won't be so hard on yourself.

Be grateful!
Gratitude is such an underutilized tool. Just taking a minute to be thankful for your health, your home, and your abilities will go far for your mental clarity.

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