I'm sure you are wondering why this post is coming mid-January instead of closer to New Years. Well, are you still motivated and keeping your resolutions?

Between being sick, cold weather, and general unproductivity, I need some motivation right now to get me back on track.

I try to tailor my blog to three types of people and this blog post applies to all three. We all need a little motivation right now.

Students- to offer practical advice, inspiration, and some humor while finishing school

Patients- to inform about medicine and the profession of pharmacy and to provide general inspiration and wellness principles

Pharmacists and professionals- to provide advice about day to day career challenges and to talk about shared experiences in the profession of pharmacy; and to give general day to day motivation that pushes you to reach for your goals.

In a world today innundated with "get rich quick" philosophies and instant gratification, do we even know what hard work is and what it takes to be successful? Do we know what real sacrifice or discipline is? When I think of those words, I think of my experience. Pharmacy school was hard work...but I had more to give. I sacrificed in the terms of I studied and spent four extra years in school instead of doing something else. Was it painful? No. When I think of what sacrifice means to me (in terms of accomplishing my goals or producing some excellent work) it means staying up or getting up early to spend time on writing, reading, and producing projects that get me closer to my goals. It means not sleeping a lot or having a lot of leisure time right now. It means saving up instead of buying a bigger house and it means passing on those cookies and going to the gym. It means sacrificing time on my relationships or with my family....time that I am not always willing to sacrifice. 

When I think of the times in my life and career that I am most proud of - they are the times when I took the leap (to a new task, responsibility, or job); when I didn't hold back in working on a relationship, and when I worked really hard and put in extra hours to make a project or presentation excellent. 

So my challenge to you is to give yourself the extra push. Write down that goal and start working on it. And when you reach it or are close - put in a little extra effort to make it go from good to great.

WellnessJoanna Simmon