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How often do you beat yourself up over a bad outcome? It could be a bad decision, a missed test question, or something you wish you hadn't said.

Right now, I've having some regret in how I handled a potential job opportunity. I didn't do anything wrong per se, but I feel like I could have answered some questions better. Maybe I'm worrying about nothing or maybe it just isn't the right time, but at this point it is out of control and I have to let go of my expectations.

If you handled something wrong and it's not fixable, then you have to let go of the guilt and move on. If it's fixable, then do your best. Mend the relationship if you can. If you handled a patient unprofessionally, apologize and start again. I think as a parent, I am questioning myself all of the time. In my career, it is often not clear what the next step is.

Learn from it
If you missed a test question (or many!), there is no going back now. Don't obsess over it, just try to study differently or more next time. And honestly, sometimes you can study and study and there are still things you would have never gotten right.
If you had a bad interaction with someone professionally, then figure out how you could have handled it differently.

Trust your gut
If did everything you could and the outcome wasn't what you wanted, then trust the timing. Maybe this was a valuable lesson. Maybe the relationship wasn't meant to be. Maybe there is a better job waiting for you.

Move on
ou can only obsess about something for so long before it starts to get unhealthy. Live in the present and move on. Many "bad" things in my life have been blessings in disguise and I have to trust that maybe this may be one too. At this point, it is out of my control and the best I can do is focus on what I can control.

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