I'm having a hard time applying this right now. It's difficult not to feel like you "need" something, someone, or a certain position in order to be complete. It's also funny that we don't always even want something badly until we can't have it. If we don't get the job, relationship, or opportunity, then we want it more and are usually willing to put in the effort.

If you've knocked a few times on your "door" and it still hasn't opened, know when it is time to move on gracefully. It is natural for us to be concerned about making the right choice and to analyze each decision and opportunity, however too much of this just keeps you stuck where you are. Have you heard the thought that when you experience ease (open doors), you are on the right path and when you are hitting walls and having struggles (closed doors), it means you are off track.

It's hard not to view this closed door as the only job, relationship, or opportunity. But sometimes your perfect job or opportunity isn't so perfect and that door is closed so that you can hold off for something that is perfect for YOU. Look around at the open doors in your life. Is that the right path instead?

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