I just got back from a couple weeks of vacation. Actually, I've been back five days but today is the first day that I didn't need need multiple cups of coffee and several hours to get going. So, I'd say that I'm officially rested from my vacation.

This wasn't a 'by the beach sipping cocktails' type, more a visiting family and friends vacation. It was a little more tiring but just as good for the soul.

Going back to my roots has mandy different effects on me: it shows me who I do and don't want to be, it brings me back to my foundation of love, and it makes me grateful. It makes me grateful not only for my friends and family, but also for how far I've come.

We all carry some sort of emotional baggage from our childhood. And it makes me happy to go back and not really even feel any emotional stirring of being upset, resentful, etc..... I just feel love and support. I by no means had a traumatic childhood, but I have come a long way in the thinking that I grew up in and for that I am beyond grateful.

Back to needing a 'vacation from my vacation' - we've been kind of homebodies lately, and this vacation was so good in the sense that it broke us out of our routine. I always feel inspired and motivated when I get away for a few days but sometimes it takes a little bit of time and energy to get back to normal and to get started on your new goals that you were so excited about on vacation!

Unpack right away
Unpacking right away and doing laundry is good for your sanity and your organization. I needed to get it done in order to get organized for the week ahead.

Write down your memories and what you learned
Organize your pictures or whatever you need to do. My child had a few milestones on our vacation so I made sure to write those down; I also downloaded all of my pictures and videos right away and then wrote down any ideas that I had about future projects. This wasn't a work vacation, but aren't we always thinking about work.....?!

Get back to your healthy routines
For me, I started going to the gym again the day after we got back. This trip was so busy that I didn't have the time or energy each day to exercise (I know, prioritize and make the time....but it just didn't happen so anyway!). I also went to the grocery store and stocked the refrigerator with healthy food.

Plan your next vacation
When you are away, you always wonder why you don't get away more. But, back when you are in the swing of things, it is much harder to think about taking time off, especially as work piled up. Plan your next trip away - even if it is the same week a year away, you will have something to look forward to!

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