We've been spending a lot of money lately and it gives me anxiety. Most of these purchases are positive - new things for children, a trip, season passes, etc..., and then we are spending a lot on just basic things that need to be done (around the house etc...).

I have always been a good saver. I definitely spend money, but I have my "things" that I enjoy spending money on and I have my areas where I save. Right now, it seems like it's been more spending than saving. We are able to pay our bills and we are still saving money so there really isn't a problem. All of this anxiety has me evaluating if I have a healthy relationship with money. Why am I tying so much of my security to it? For me, money equals security nd flexibility. And it's also personal and emotional - as a child, we were well taken care of, but didn't have a lot of discretionary income and I love my discretionary income now. I am glad that it's not a big deal to buy a new toy or dress and I can just run out and get an appliance if we need it.

Bethenny Frankel referenced money "noise" in her book A Place of Yes. She defines it as "the noise in your head that makes money emotional rather than factual". She talks about money noise being stressful and taking over your existence.

I think the point of this to be familiar with your emotional attachment to money and why you make some of the decisions that you do....and figure out if your reasons are validated or do you need to deal with the underlying issue.

WellnessJoanna Simmon