I have heard this quote many many times over the years. It's a great reminder that any change starts with me.

There are many things that I would like. I would like to have family vacations; I would like to have a flexible work schedule; I would like to create; I would like to write and have more evenings out. I would like to have a fit body and be healthy. I would like my children to adopt a healthy lifestyle.

I can talk about it all that I want; I can be envious of others who have one of the above; OR I can make a plan and get to work!

With the recent events in Orlando, it is easy to see how hate can hurt others on such a massive scale. But the day to day anger that we have can also have profound effects. We may not view it as a big deal when we are irritated or aggravated with our spouse or children but it can really hurt them and have a domino effect. Do you talk unfavorably about your friends? Do you have road rage? Do you bad mouth your boss or employer? Do you complain about work, your husband, or your workload? Do you complain about a certain demographic or political party? Everyone is talking about the horrible event in Orlando. Are you spreading love today? That is how you can be the change.

Give people the benefit of the doubt today. Be grateful for your friends, spouse, and that you have a job. Be grateful that you are in school working toward a career that you love. Above all, be kind. Don't complain that things are bad - get out, take action and make it better.

WellnessJoanna Simmon