The first part of this quote should be self-explanatory. Live beneath your means and we can explore that later. 

What I want to focus on is an area that is a little more challenging for me....speak less than you know.

This does not mean being sneaky, dishonest, or withholding important information that should be disclosed. To me, this means to focus on what the other person is saying and to listen before putting all of your cards on the table.

To me this means to breathe, pause, and listen before disclosing all of the information you have instead of having diarrhea of the mouth. It is very hard not to fill the silence, but it is usually advantageous if you don't. I have a big tendency to keep talking - I don't like awkwardness, I like to make other people feel comfortable and I do this by over compensating and by talking a lot. Honestly, in some of these cases, it gives away the power. 

I learned a lot from a previous boss. He listened....a lot. It was usually after you had spilled everything that you realized he already knew what was going on. You appear more in control when you listen and keep a few thoughts to yourself. They will come out eventually - I find that people will usually come to the same conclusions if they are given enough information and it's more effective if they get there themselves instead of you putting the words and thoughts into their heads. 

Try it this week. It will make you a more effective speaker, boss, and employee.

PracticeJoanna Simmon