Expectations are tricky. With them, you hold yourself and others to high standards, without them, you open yourself up to possibilities. 

Many times what is holding us back from moving forward is letting go of this perfect image that we've created in our minds. If we can let that image go, then we will open ourselves up to many more possibilities. 

Some of my hardest times have been when I clung so desperately to the past or to what I thought a relationship was supposed to look like, what a family was supposed to look like, and what a career was supposed to look like. Let me tell you, we do not all for the same mold and that is a good thing. 

When I stopped expecting my partner to be "perfect", I was able to enjoy our moments together more. I stopped expecting a family member to perfectly fit into their "role" and we have a good relationship now. It's not how I saw or envisioned my relationship with a father, but it is good because I don't hold onto how things should be or what I should get out of the relationship. I'm still a little bit of a perfectionist at work in how I think my work and projects should go, but I'm earning that the more I let go of those expectations, the more I open myself up to other opportunities. 

We broaden our opportunities when we reframe our expectations. Be flexible. Don't be unrealistic and hold people (or yourself) to expectations that are unreachable. Let go of your attachment to the outcome.

WellnessJoanna Simmon