Why is it so hard to "just do it" when it comes to accomplishing our goals?

We all want to be healthy and exercise and eat well, but when it comes down to actually doing it, why do we still make bad food decisions and why don't we set aside the time to work out?

We want to excel at our career (or our passion), but why don't we take the extra time to excel?

We want to have deep, meaningful relationships, but why don't we make the time to listen and spend quality time with people?

Most of the time, we at least have an abstract definition of what we want out of our life. The hard part is getting it done - making a plan and sticking to it. But, if you never set aside the time, then you will never get there. Another year will go by and you will wonder why you are still overweight, haven't gotten a promotion, or still don't have the friendships that you desire. To see a change, you are going to have to make a change. What are you afraid of?

WellnessJoanna Simmon