Five years ago, the International Pharmaceutical Federation (FIP), established World Pharmacists Day to encourage activities that promote and advocate for the role of the pharmacist in improving health in every corner of the world. This year’s theme, is “Pharmacist(s): your partner(s) in health”. 

From their website: "Medicines must go hand in hand with pharmaceutical expertise, or in other words, with pharmacists. This is a partnership essential to the responsible use of medicines. But other partnerships are also important. Every day three million pharmacists and pharmaceutical scientists around the world act as partners to patients, other health care professionals and other scientists, throughout the whole supply chain and with the shared vision of better health.

Across the globe our profession is clearly demonstrating all the requirements of great partnerships; shared goals, commitment, vital skills and rapport, as well as the ability to have difficult talks and to overcome obstacles."

In the United States, we have are working hard each day to overcome challenges, serve our patients, and work towards expanding the profession.  Whether that be provider status, certified pharmacy practitioners, or in the form of greater education to the public about our profession.  

This is a great profession and I love working daily with amazing pharmacists, technicians, students, physicians, and other healthcare professionals.  Thank you for all you do to deliver excellent patient care!

NewsJoanna Simmon