Life is really too short to focus on the small, petty, day-to-day inconveniences that come along our way. "Problems" come in all shapes and sizes. What one person defines as small could be a very big deal to someone else. Most of how we define these inconveniences, annoyances, and tragedies in our lives comes from our frame of reference, perceptions, and expectations. But for most, a bad day is just a bad day and not a bad life. You bounce back - it may take a day, a month, a year, but you will bounce back. Maybe you will be a little different - a little more guarded or cynical - but you move forward. Not everyone gets that opportunity. Not everyone got to wake up today. 

I had some life altering experiences fifteen years ago and I thought my life was ending (not literally). Life as I knew it certainly did end, but it was all for the best. I couldn't be more thankful for everything that happened because of where I am today. My point is that problems come and go and it's hard to see the light at the end of the tunnel when we are in it, but the light will come. 

The other half of this quote says "be led by your dreams". When you are focused on a passion or worthwhile cause, you let very little get in your way. Have you noticed that when you are in love or feeling love, you can tolerate a lot more? Focus your energies on your passion and helping and loving others and you will have little time to let small annoyances get you down.

A dear family friend lost their battle with cancer this week. And when I start to think about how tired I am or how I wish I could do this or that, or if I'm having a low self-confidence day, I remember that I got to wake up this morning and I am grateful for my small day-to-day problems.

WellnessJoanna Simmon